Summer’s Peak – The Garden Cornucopia

We had a large garden in our backyard in Ohio – Dad, the artist, also had a very green thumb thanks to Grandma’s glorious gardens. We grew all kinds of summer vegetables – from tall stalks of corn to luscious tomatoes, rambling squash and much more. Nearby were apple trees and wild roses trailing on the back fence. Tomato mixIt must have been all that weeding that gave me a black thumb, but Dad’s other children caught the benefits of his patient cultivation.

Nonetheless I have abundant appreciation for summer’s abundance. Here are snapshots of the year-round twice-weekly organic farmers market about a quarter mile away from my home in Northern California and a snapshot of the produce, cheese, fresh fish and locally prepared tamales that I carried home. 

023 026 (2) 028 (2) Organic Farmers MarketMy Farm Basket

Sister Sue has a glorious garden in her backyard in North Carolina. “Wherever there’s a space and sunshine, I’ll plug in my veggies,” she says. Her naturally flowing landscaping is esthetically pleasant while inviting and support wildlife, particularly butterflies and birds, and provides a sanctuary – a place to sit and savor, to listen and observe.Sue's perennial herbs Sue's peppers, sunflowers and sageHere’s a Sue sampling:
Sue's zucchini, acorn squash, okra, tomatoes and butterfly bush

And up on the roof above his restaurant in busy Central Square in Cambridge, MA, brother Steve grows herbs in crates to flavor the distinctive offerings of the nightly culinary feasts of Rendezvous Central Square. Vernon Johnson was so proud of the artistry of his children!Steve's rooftop garden v2 Steve's rooftop garden

About The Artist's Eye

Writer, consultant and author of The Artist's Eye: Vernon P. Johnson's Watercolors of 1950s Small Town America
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1 Response to Summer’s Peak – The Garden Cornucopia

  1. Linda Herman says:

    Your post reminds me of my own grandma’s garden in the Midwest, outside of Chicago. Ah, the dog days of summer in the tangled garden, buzzing with bees, smelling of dill and tomatoes.

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