“Lincoln” Film, VA State Capitol and Vernon Johnson

A sketch of the Virginia State Capitol illustrates another connection between the recent “Lincoln” film and the artistic eye of Vernon Johnson. VA State Capitol v1 While several current Richmond landmarks served as historic Civil War era locations for the cinematographers, the State Capitol building “stood in” for both the U.S. Capitol and the White Houses in Steven Spielberg’s award-winning film. In fact, much of the movie was filmed in Richmond, and Virginia has shaped several new educational tours and programs for 2013 around this happy coincidence in a city that is truly an iconic and graciously preserved American history lesson.

While a previous blog post described the intersection of the artist and the film in an Ohio watercolor, Vernon Johnson also captured the imposing mood of the State Capitol building for the cover of “The 1984 Edition of the Richmond Area Weather Almanac.” He also painted several monuments, honoring Civil War military leaders, that gave rise to elegant Monument Avenue. Calvary Commander From the series, “Richmond: The Ultimate City” commissioned by a local bank in 1988, several large, framable prints of “The Calvary Commander of Monument Avenue” (Gen. J.E.B. Stuart), signed and numbered by the artist, are still available. Email info@jjohnsoncommunication.com for more information.

About The Artist's Eye

Writer, consultant and author of The Artist's Eye: Vernon P. Johnson's Watercolors of 1950s Small Town America
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