You Can Own “The Accent House!”

The Accent House continues to be one of the most storied residences depicted by Vernon P. Johnson in The Artist’s Eye. Recently I talked to a former Mount Vernon, Ohio, resident, who is nearly 98 and who members Mrs. Congdon, the onetime owner who cast a memorable shadow around town. Not the least because her heavily ivy-shrouded Steamboat Gothic home was referred to by neighborhood children as “the spooky house.”

Years later, The Accent House on North Main Street was beautifully restored by Tom and Candy Bartlett, who commissioned a Vernon Johnson watercolor of the dwelling they had converted into a bed-and-breakfast.

Now you can own a piece of The Accent House! The artist signed and numbered 100 small color prints of that painting — at 8×10 inches, they are easily frameable for any location. A number of these prints are still available for $75 — and they are going fast!

Email me today so I can put you directly in touch with Candy Bartlett — and you can have your own remembrance of small town America’s history and central Ohio’s legacy. In this one print, you will also have a faithfully executed watercolor snapshot of mid-century American history and of small town America.

And, by purchasing The Artist’s Eye book from the Knox County Historical Society, you can read more of the stories and loving care that have preserved one exemplary 1950s small town’s history through the architectural aspirations of the grandparents and parents of us Baby Boomers. Chapter 7 in the book describes how Vernon Johnson conceived and constructed two version of The Accent House from multiple lenses.

The Barlett’s no longer own the home, which is once again a private residence, so the visual memories preserved in this print are even more invaluable and irreplaceable in time.

About The Artist's Eye

Writer, consultant and author of The Artist's Eye: Vernon P. Johnson's Watercolors of 1950s Small Town America
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